Our Value

We systematize the process of creating the opportunity for individual intellectual activities necessary to promote the sublimation of the values ​​of each person and provide them in the form of products and services. In addition, we will provide solutions to the problems that occur in the process and help them to fulfill them.

The reason why personal values ​​are important is because it is individuals that make up society. Even an organization is made up of multiple individuals. Gone are the days of defining collective ideologies and infiltrating them with wisdom. In the present age, individuals with a broader world view build various human relationships within equal relationships, and suboptimization gathers while enjoying the freedom and responsibility brought about by them.

Our Milestone

Q3 always seeks consensus through sound teamwork based on equal relationships with partners. An organization that seeks and proposes optimal solutions and supports the transformation and optimization of society itself by introducing an information processing system optimized for modern society. Based on the philosophy of lingering knowledge, we always try to apply the best technology to the issues regardless of the old and new. For this reason, we are conducting research to further deepen past technologies and sublimate them into more sophisticated technologies, and to propose new applications. We also understand the latest technologies and contribute to development through basic research. We move forward to secure our responsibility for the technology we handle. Experiences and knowledge cultivated in a wide range of fields are utilized to the maximum in each phase from consulting, requirement definition, construction, design, and operation, and products and services whose functions, performance, and stability all harmonize with demand Aiming for development.

Our strength lies in globalization and information technology. Q3 Not only within the organization but also outside, we have a close connection with professionals in various fields, and we have a team that faces all kinds of difficulties for the achievement of new information technology. Underlying the strength of Q3's teamwork is a teal organization that spreads like an amoeba + a network of people and people who are horraculous. Sharing a strong professional philosophy makes it possible to respond quickly and effectively to the urgent needs of customers.

Regardless of the organization or individual, customers can be involved in all processes from sharing issues to the goal of providing a mutually satisfactory solution. We are also developing our own products.

Aiming to be the world's best problem-solving group, I hope to continue to be a partner who actively works on infinite world issues and explores solutions that work with you.