A group of hackers

Hackers | Team of Masters

We are a group of engineers who love information technology and have a mission to contribute to the world by utilizing our experience and knowledge. We are constantly growing and evolving through continuous progress and challenges. There are no shortcuts to proficiency, it is only proven by deeds and achievements.

Wisdom breaks power

Wisdom overcomes power

We operate a place to support the relationship between computers and people, and between people, in both the real world and online. We are conducting experiments of a new social model that is not bound by existing concepts by cultivating world-class next-generation leaders and managers, supporting entrepreneurship.

Achieve impossible

Challenge the impossible

Addressing various difficult social issues is the realm where our strengths are demonstrated. We make no compromises at all stages of analysis, preparation, and execution. The word “effort” does not exist to produce results. “Challenge” is the field where our abilities are maximized.

Domain A:
Information Technology

Domain B:
Education/Social Reform