QHuman Figure

Never stop pursuing what you like

In your daily life, do you just do what you don't want to do? There are only two options for what you don't want to do. 1. Do it 2. Do not do it. When choosing to do it, don't force yourself. A convincing reason to decide to do it is important. And sometimes you have to decide not to do it. A useful way to pursue what you like is "do not do what you don't like".

Expand what you like

I like things that I don't like. I like people I don't like. Both are common in everyday life. If the viewpoint changes, the way you perceive things will change, and the evaluation will naturally change. Some people like things that they don't like. So why do you think that person likes it? What is required here is empathy.

Responsible because of pursuit

Since it is something I really like, I can pursue it to the limit. Because it has been pursued, there is understanding and understanding. What you get is your treasure. If you want to make use of the treasure and want to help others, that may be the place where you can shine. And those who do not make any compromises in such pursuit can embody responsibility.


Curiosity, affection, mercy. A heart that cares about the other person. Source of emotion. Intention. Source of intention. All our purposes come from the heart.


Technology. Intelligence, knowledge, logic, abstraction, research, scrutinization, transmission, production, introduction, operation, education, negotiation, technology required for all activities. Specifically, we currently provide services and products that apply advanced information technology (IT).


Even if you have the mind and skill, you will not be able to do it without the physical strength, stamina, and ability to execute it.

As mentioned above, mind, skill and body are indispensable to each other, and if it is biased, the missing part becomes a bottleneck.