Internationalization of your business

There are many companies in Japan that feel that their future growth strategy is stagnant due to saturation of domestic demand. Some of them fail to internationalize their businesses, products, and services due to various obstacles, despite the high prospects of development and re-emergence by finding markets outside of the country.

Internationalization seems to have a strong impression that it requires a wide and wide field of view, but in reality, it is just a steady and steady process. In addition, communication problems with a lack of understanding of the background culture are generally at a higher risk than problems where Japanese is not understood. Under these circumstances, internationalization of business is best if it is possible to prepare an organizational structure with a view from the start-up of a new business, but the organization still requires experience and knowledge. In most cases, after gaining a market, overseas markets are considered. Given the circumstances described above, internationalizing a business requires more perseverance and vision than starting a company in Japan.

Q3 style internationalization process

  • Will the products and services you want to expand overseas pass overseas?
  • What is the activity status of the target market? Does it exist in the first place?
  • Is it necessary to customize products and services based on culture and political conditions?