Work with us

People + Move = Work

Working for us is part of life. Because I like it, I want to scrutinize it. When that feeling is incurred with someone, it is synonymous with having a friend as a project, and it is an opportunity for collaboration.


Everyone believes that there is an infinite world called personality. All of our comrades are so individual that they are sometimes called weirdos. You can insist on your personality without having to match someone.

Free time and place

We value our voluntary humanity, and we leave all the time and place we work to achieve our goals. You do what you need and you don't have to do anything you don't need. It is also important to talk closely about what is necessary and what is not required.


Money is, of course, an important tool, but it is a tool that should be used with wisdom. Pursuing profits is not the primary purpose. The most important thing is the courage to turn curiosity into action. We believe that all the money we earn is a natural result of our work.


It is value to be practical, and the result of fulfilling its practical use is the result of action. There is no system for evaluating results, but it is directly linked to the trust of your peers and customers. Your performance will be tested directly.


Please pursue what you want to pursue with curiosity. None of our peers will pursue what percentage of your life you spend on work.


We are not currently recruiting.