About us


Q3 is our company name. How to read is not decided. I want you to call me as you like. Q3 is also a way of life. We aim to help you imagine the values ​​and philosophy of people who have committed to Q3, rather than imagine an organization from the name “Q3”.

Q3 is full of diversity and we have various values. Our definition goes beyond just belonging to the company as a member of an employee. The people who are connected to us are also Q3 or not. For us, the framework of a company defined by the legal system is only one convenient means for convenience and ease of understanding by the public, and the boundaries that make up us are intended To make it clearer.

Because we value freedom. Even if the company Q3 disappears, no one can erase the connections between people who make up the world. The values ​​and philosophies shared in the connection can be said to be Q3.

There are many definitions of people who seem to be Q3. As long as it forms the company organization Q3, it is our responsibility to clarify what kind of commitment Q3 will provide to the world.

The first thing that the joint company Q3 sends out is not a product or a service, but a professional. But we are not a temporary staffing company or a human resource development company. Working with Q3 means that Q3 is proud to have an equal relationship with “professional” in every sense, and that it produces high value together.

Q3's original provision of products and services is nothing less than returning the results planned and implemented in Q3 professionalism to the world.

Because we are human beings, we make many mistakes. Because there is no challenge where there is no failure. Failure is as much a part of everyday life as success. However, we do not make any compromises. All of our companions have varying levels of technology and diverse personality, but there is no two letters of compromise in each individual.

Q3 has a deep and wide understanding of technology, executes applications that no one can think of, has a network of people with a wealth of experience and knowledge in various fields, and is not limited to existing concepts, but is exploring new things. I will not stop. One of Q3's strengths is having a solid place to make this possible. We are a professional group that has chosen to live on the basis of pragmatism.

The source of our characteristics as described above is “power to squeeze what we like”. All of us are always asking ourselves every day about the meaning of what we love while polishing what we really like.


Hirotaka Hayashi
Co-Founder / President / CEO, Q3
Akihiro Fujita
Co-Founder / CTO, Q3
Toshio Mine
Satoshi Akizawa
Ranger 44545 (2019/10/12)